" Outstanding Service "

Investment Consulting


    As SAS has a business network across Asia and has a large portfolio of businesses in Thailand in the form of individuals, companies, and businesses.

For Investee: we have many clients who have registered with us who want to buy entire businesses as well as want to find a partner to invest with to preserve their capital as shareholders.

For investors: we have several registered clients who are interested in selling their businesses. These clients include both business owners who are interested in selling their entire company as well as those who are looking for partners to become shareholders to raise capital for business expansion.


     We value all parties, have integrity and strong ethics, and all information will be kept confidential.

When we meet with possible investors who are interested in acquiring, we won’t reveal the seller’s name to the general public to protect the selling company.

For the benefit of the buyer, we will do a preliminary screening of the selling businesses in which you are interested to avoid the risk and time-wasting.

If you’re interested in selling shares to investors or investing your money in Thailand, SAS will be the best option to help you quickly achieve your objectives. Our team will guide you through every step of the buying-selling business process, from finding the best match to closing the deal, preparing the agreement, registering at the Department of Business Development, and applying for visas and work permits for foreign employees.