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  The process of visas and work permit applications in Thailand can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers and visa and work permit specialists who have knowledge of immigration rules and regulations. .  So that our clients can concentrate solely on managing their business.


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Work Permits

A work permit is necessary if you wish to work in Thailand. However, you need a non-immigrant visa before you can apply for or receive a work permit. You can apply for a Non-immigrant B Visa in your home country or a neighboring nation close to Thailand. Additionally, you can convert your Thai tourist visa into a non-immigrant visa after you arrive in Thailand.

Employee Provided Documents

  • Copy of each page of the passport. The employee must sign each copy.

  • Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Departure Card TM.6

  • Education degree (signed copy) *

  • Transcript (signed copy) *

  • Certificates or qualifications of the applicant (signed copy) *

  • CV or Resume of the applicant

  • Three Photos, 5 x 6 cm in size (not passport photos) with full face and taken wearing business attire (no hat and jewelry)

  • Marriage Certificate (if married to a Thai National)

  • Medical Certificate

  • Notification of Residence after arrival in Thailand

*Thai government officials may require these documents to be certified by your country’s embassy (this requires bringing your degree, resume, license or certificate to your embassy to declare it is a true and original document. You are required to pay an authentication fee to your embassy. In addition, they can require you to translate these documents into the Thai language from your foreign language.

Employer Provided Documents

  • Job offer letter to an employee (Stating the detailed description of the performed work. If the written job description requires skills that a Thai is likely to possess, the application will not be approved.)

  • Company Registration Certificate (a juristic person, giving the name of the Managing Director and/or Director, and its objections and registered capital.)*

  • Shareholders List certified by the Commercial Registration Department.*

  • Location and picture of an office with good ventilation and lighting

  • Factory License (if required) issued by Factory Department, Ministry of Industry.*

  • VAT Certificate – Phor Phor 20*

  • Withholding Tax – Phor Ngor Dor 1 (work permit renewal)*

  • Social Security Payment filing

*Thai government officials require that all documents to have the seal of the company stamped on every page and the true and authorized signature(s) of the Managing Director and/or Directors next to the seal. In addition, government officials have in past requested official copies of registration, shareholder, licenses and certificates to have been issued by their respective agencies within the past 90 days of your application for Thai work permit.

There must be four full-time Thai staff per every one foreign employee.

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